Friday, August 15, 2014

Understanding Sitecore Presentation Objects

·         Layouts – A Sitecore layout defines the overall appearance of a generated web page. Layouts are based on .NET Web Forms (aspx files) and support all functionality associated with .NET web forms.

·         Placeholders –Placeholders determine which presentation objects to include in a specific area of a layout depending on which item in the content tree has been requested by a site visitor.

·         XSLT Renderings - A Sitecore XSLT Rendering transforms content from Sitecore’s content tree into appropriate presentation language.

·         Sublayouts – A Sitecore sublayout defines the appearance of a portion of a generated web page. Sublayouts are based on .NET User Controls (ascx files) and support all functionality associated with .NET User Controls.

·         Devices – Sitecore allows developers to define custom devices which automatically detect what hardware or software visitors are using when requesting a page. Developers then indicate which layout and other presentation objects Sitecore should use to generate the page targeted to that particular device.

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